Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sorry for the lack of postings!

I was away almost all of April - two weeks caravanning in Pembrokeshire and the Gower, followed closely by two weeks on a cruise with Dad. I've been following my favourite blogs on my Nokia phone, but it's not really feasible to post anything unless sat at a PC. Not that I have any news to compare with, say, Rebecca's or Debbie's. Just now I'm trying to edit some 1,400 photos of Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy and Spain, and must complete this before my partner returns on 11 May with her own batch - she went with her brother and his wife to Viet Nam and Cambodia, a kind of consolation holiday, although I must say I was wistful. But the cruise in the Med was excellent, and although I've not much of a tan, it did at least stay dry (sorry, Jessica). I'd never before been to Rome and Florence, and I did it unescorted and unleashed. Italy has won my heart. I want to go back NOW.

Socially I found cruising very interesting, particularly as I did it dressed up as a man. I think I passed as a male rather well, despite the long hair and the Prada bag - no, not the expensive black leather one, a 'cheap' white fabric Prada shoulder bag I bought at their shop in the Via Condotti in Rome. Anyway, more on it all as time permits.

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  1. Hi Lucy
    I am so pleased you have had a good holiday. Traveling is so good for the soul.
    May life be a cruise that captures your heart.
    Take care


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