Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Flickr site is about to be weeded

If you haven't yet taken a butchers at my Flickr site, then now would be a good time to see it before I thin it out considerably to make way for a few of my best cruise shots - Lisbon, Rome, Florence, and so forth. I haven't quite yet finished the enormous job of editing those 1,400-odd shots. I'm not lazy, I love processing what I take, but think about it: one minute minimum to correct tilt, crop, and caption each shot; 1,400 minutes needed, which is over 23 hours; at 2 hours a day, that's at least 11 continuous days to complete the job, and I do have a life, you know, and I haven't been able to edit every day. So it's not all that surprising that it's already taken over two weeks. The alternative is to take the laptop on holiday and spend the best part of each evening on the day's collection. I did that when in New Zealand in 2007, and sitting alone at the front end of a campervan for 50 nights is one of my less inspiring abiding memories of NZ. But I took 6,000 pictures of my own, and my partner added the same amount from her camera. It was the only way to keep on top of it all. We did wonder whether some of these shots, plus our notes and my partner's journal, might form the basis for a book. We went everywhere motorable, both islands, top to toe. But NZ is not particularly exotic anymore, a lot of people have been there, and the number of books on NZ in the shops is already enormous. A saturated market. So I doubt whether we will ever publish. A pity. But while the slight possibility exists, neither of us want to put anything antipodean on Flickr.

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