Thursday, 5 March 2009

Getting ready for the cruise

Here's a poem I wrote just two days ago.


Fear the sea.
Fear the angry sea that washes men overboard
And makes them dance like marionettes,
Their empty eyes like caves
Where crabs and creepy-crawlies dwell.

Fear the vengeful sea that rips at shingle,
And floods the land so hardly won.
Fear the indifferent sea,
That does not care
If a dozen heroes drown in a cockle boat,
Their mouths full of sand,
Their widows full of grief.

Fear the murderous sea
That tugs at the legs of children,
Sucking them into its mermaid embrace.
Fear the sea that folds you into fronds of waving seaweed
Till you can struggle no more.
Fear the sea that creeps behind your back
And cuts your line of retreat.
Fear the deceptive sand,
The sand that pulls you under,
The sand that is the sea in disguise,
The hungry sea that needs to eat.

Fear the sea at night
When the shreiks of demons fly on the wind,
And ghosts flutter like albatrosses between the masts.
In the blackness is death,
The smothering wetness of fog and mist
And the siren calls of the drowned.
Fear the sea that hides the land
And turns the compass round and round.

Fear the quiet sea
That hides the monster below.
Here be dragons. Terra incognita.
The ships of the damned that are laden with slime,
On a doomed voyage till the end of time.
Fear the tentacle reaching out in the dark,
The clutching hands of men long dead,
Their bones like the ribs of old boats.
Fear the deep sea that knows no sun,
The icy depths where your grave awaits.
Fear the music on the breeze,
The dancing light along the shore,
The call of gulls and their stabbing beaks,
The city of worms beneath the mud.
Fear the tide that calls for your blood.

Fear the hour that marks the slack,
When the sea gives up and the sea takes back.
Fear the eternal sea,
The sea that will forever be.

Lucy Melford
2009 0303

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lucy
    You have a great talent for the writen word. You have been blessed with great creativity. There does seem to be a positive side to the challenges we face as many of us find comfort in being creative. Your poem was full of emotion & very moving.
    Take care.


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