Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fully revealed

Just in case you were impatient to see a proper photo of yours truly, and for all I know this might indeed be the case, here it is. And there's more on the Flickr site. Taken with my latest Nikon digital SLR on ye venerable olde trustye but wobblye Velbon tripod, camera pointing down, focal length 55mm, ISO 200, aperture f/5.6, natural sideways lighting, and self sporting an expensive line in Nike gymwear.

And two things must strike you. First, that I like brands that begin with Nik. Second, that no matter how sophisticated the camera, it's very difficult to take self-portraits and get the focus spot on. Shouldn't complain though: some skin blemishes have vanished in the soft rendition. Believe me, I have plenty of skin blemishes. I thought of adopting an honest name like Repella or Reptilia rather than Lucy. But an irrepressible urge to fool my public and present an utterly false fair-of-face image got the upper hand. And by the way, I wear glasses which I've taken off for these shots. I know, it's just vanity.

And why was the camera pointing down? Was I doing a coy Lady Di? No. I'd simply cut the underside of my chin shaving, and the high angle put the gory patch out of view. Shaving is one daily chore I'd be glad to do without. My eyesight is pretty poor and I regularly slice off an ear, or take out an eye. Only two of each left now.

Anyway, as you can see I'm not glamorous (nor even feminine) to look at. Sorry about the strained look around the eyes, but I've done a lot of crying recently, and I'm not sleeping much. The pudding-basin hairstyle isn't flattering, and does me no favours especially when picked out in grey, but at least it's all my own hair, and it's still growing at a rate of knots. And those are my own teeth too.

So not exactly a pretty or inspiring sight, but we all have to start somewhere, and I expect to improve little by little by little by little by little by little (as Dusty Springfield would have said).

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  1. Hi Lucy
    You look lovely. I know you will not believe me. We are our own worst critics & I am sure we never see ourselves as others see us. Little changes can make a lot of difference. We have issues that make detecting these changes ourselves really difficult but already I can clearly see your feminine soul shining brightly in your appearance.
    We are all a work in progress.

    It is so lovely to see YOU blossoming Lucy.


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