Friday, 6 February 2009

There's a photo now, sort of

I dislike blogs (and Flickr sites) where there is no clue at all as to what the person looks like. Well, here's a picture of the bottom half of yours truly, and should you pass anyone with legs like that, you'll know it's me. Shoes by Marks and Sparks, size 8, and what a nice fit too. Actually I'm shrinking because although never a size 9 my feet seem to be getting more petite, and something less than 8 may be feasible soon. I think that when I was a 14 and a half stone fatty my feet had plenty of flesh in them to take the pressure, and probably spread out sideways a bit. Three stone lighter, and it's hello Cinderella and can you fit into this glass slipper, why yes I can.

As for my top half, please be patient. It's very much 'nice legs, shame about the face'. I want to grow the hair more, anyway.

What I will do is revive my Flickr site, but as Lucy Melford, and feature some tease photos which reveal aspects of my physiognomy, rather like on a certain TV sports quiz programme where you guess the identity of a well-known sporting personality, except that (a) I'm not one such, and (b) you'll get no points.

It strikes me that I'm probably talking (or typing) to thin air at the moment, but there are weird people who, when they discover a new blog they like, actually go back to the beginning and read forward. I do that, anyway. Can't be unique.

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  1. This post made me laugh as going back to the beginning and reading from the first post is exactly what I do. I think it's important as it allows later posts to be put in context.

    I have read some of the later posts though and that dinner in Chichester looked amazing.



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